Most Overlooked Fact About Scrabble Cheat Board Wordplays

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I really like playing Scrabble. Well, really I love the computer version. My favorite is Word Feud-similar to Words with Friends. I like the electronic version better than the board game because I like to cheat. Anyone who has ever played the electronic versions know what I am talking about. You can test out crazy words just to see if by some small chance it works. You can try different words in different places and it will even add up the points for you so you can see which word or location will give you the highest score.Recommended Site.

I get excited when I spot a prime location on the board and I look to discover that I have the primo letters until I try to fit them in the space. Darn it! I don’t have the “E” I need. So I make replacements with every other letter I have. I grow frustrated because I just know this is the ideal spot. I am sure I can make this seemingly impossible situation work. I am determined to put my word here! I keep trying every variation of these letters but nothing passes, so I turn the game off for a while. I can’t believe that with all of my resources, I have to walk away! When I eventually return to the game, my eyes are somehow directed to the opposite side of the board and there it is, a Double Letter box that my 10 point “J” will fit in, a Triple Word box and no “E” needed for my word of choice. Woo hoo! Victory at last!

We do the same thing in life, we try so hard to make what we see as the perfect situation fit in what we see as the perfect location. We try to mold that boyfriend or girlfriend into the perfect spouse. We accept the job that limits our contribution or move to the new city hoping we land on our feet. Psalm 23:5 (NIV) says, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”. He has already prepared a way for us. Our job is to trust in God, our provider, even when things are rough. When we stress out and spend all of our energy looking to the left to solve our problems by ourselves, we are missing out on the true perfect solution which is to our right. The way is already made for us, but who are we trusting for direction? Our creator or ourselves?

In life, we don’t have to cheat. The answers are here for us. Life is an open book test. In John 16:33 (NIV) Jesus says, “In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! (Be of good cheer!) I have overcome the world”. Jesus has already won the race. He is already at the finish line. He is not going to drag us there. He left the choice to us. We can follow and be guided to the right side of the board or we can go at it alone and try to jam our ideas in a space that does not fit. Life is a team sport. We don’t have to navigate through the rules on our own. Find a mentor or coach with the same value system as you who can see the game through a new perspective. Your coach will make sure you are being the best player you can be and will guide you to the best opportunities to win your game. Victory at last!